Dream Foundation Cancer Care

Dream Foundation is a Registered Public Charitable Trust established in 1986.
We have been working in the field of cancer since 1995, to help cancer patients undergoing treatment at the major oncology centers in India.

About Us

About Us

Dream Foundation is a Charitable Trust established in 1986 by Mr K M. Aarif for the cause of Cancer Care. Since 1995 the Foundation is functional with a prime focus on empowering people to cope with the trauma of cancer, providing financial aid for medical treatment, counseling, rehabilitation support during cancer treatment, education of cancer survivor children and empowerment of women and their families. The foundation works closely with each volunteer and helps the deprived by providing information about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, guidance, and counseling to cope with cancer. Mr Arif, Founder of the Trust strongly believes that just financial aid to the cancer afflicted is not the solution. Emotional Support to the family members and empowering the family members by providing educational aid and job opportunities to their children is of utmost importance.

With a strong support from a long list of well wishers like Mr. Julio Ribeiro, Mr. Dilip Kumar,Mr. Satish Sahney, Mr. R. H. Mendonca, Mr. I. M. Kadri and the likes, Dream Foundation is treading prudently to take a Macro-Leap in the field of social cause. This enthusiasm for collaborative linkage with well wishers and funding agencies has always been our thrust. Dream Foundation with its knowledge-based pro-activeness is committed to enrich and sustain the lives and livelihood of poor by establishing a support system for medical relief, counseling and information based data - a help line for cancer afflicted individuals.

The Foundation's strategic direction focuses explicitly on the challenges faced by the scourge of cancer. The foundation seeks creative ways to leverage the limited resources, attracting new funds from the private sector, international aid organizations, and national, state and provincial governments.

Mr. Aarif, President of Dream Foundation believes that the challenges confronting the poor afflicted people are too numerous, complex and massive to be addressed by any single foundation alone. General Public at large must be continue to support the creation of global partnerships, alliances and collaboration to effect positive change in the lives of the medically challenged human beings.

The disturbing fact of life that keeps the Trust going is that only about 30% of the patients diagnosed with cancer undergo treatment because of the high costs and many dropout halfway having run out of money as the average cost of cancer treatment is as high as INR 2-3 lakhs.

The Foundation will continue to join forces with governments, industry, other foundations, and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the unfortunate and under privileged are included in the benefits accrued through opportunities available that effect their lives. The challenge for the foundation is to channelize the limited resources and assist the cancer affected patients and their family.


The Dream Foundation is know­ ledge-based foundation with a commitment to enrich and sus­tain the lives, livelihood and education of poor, needy and excluded people suffering from the dreaded disease of cancer.

In order to maximize its resources and le­verage the Foundation's strength, grant making is organized around five thematic lines of support.
- Guidance, emotional support and counsel­ling.
- Aid for medical treatment & rehabilitation
- Health awareness
- Empowerment of cancer affected families
- Proactive schemes for their children's education

The Foundation's strategic direction focuses explicitly on the challenges faced by poor and excluded people suffering from this life-threat­ ening disease.

It is estimated that One hundred eighty six out of every hundred thousand population (i.e. 2%) in India suffer from cancer. The mortality rates are high. Diagnosis and treatment are often expensive and protracted. (About INR two hundred thousand to five hundred thou­ sand)

The challenges confronting poor and ex­ cluded people are too numerous, complex and massive to be addressed by any single Foun­ dation alone. We must continue to emphasize the creation and support of national and global partner­ ships, alliances and collaboratives to effect positive help in the lives of cancer patients. The Foundation will continue to join forces with gov­ ernments, industry, other foundations and non­ governmental organizations to ensure that these excluded people get necessary support that affect their lives positively.

Health Equity

Financial aid for medical treatment in govern­ment hospitals, which is the basic minimum, still runs into hundreds of thousand of Rupees. This aid cannot be extended from a single source point. Donors around the globe can join hands with us to ensure financial aid to the extent possible.

For a poor person a diagnosis of cancer is the equivalent of death. Only about 30% of the patients diagnosed with cancer undergo treat­ ment because of the high costs and many drop­ out halfway having run out of money.

Educational Support

A cherished aim of Dream Foundation is to assist economically weak cancer-affected fami­lies to educate their children, thereby giving them opportunities for a better future. Their dependent children are doubly deprived. Dream Foundation believes that from the developmen­tal angle, educational support for them is a pri­ority.


Our counsellors are both professionals and non-professionals who have confidence in their own identity and do not apologise or try to obscure it. They represent achievement and hard earned wisdom about dealing with cancer afflicted pa­tients.


To advance health equity by pursuing the reduction of unfair differences and providing tangible support to as many excluded people as possible.

The 20th century and the beginning of the current century generated tremendous techno­ logical, economic and social change of which one result has been a dramatic increase in both life expectancy and quality of life. Yet a ma­jority of these advances have accrued to a very small fraction of human kind. Progress in health has not been equally distributed, either among or within societies. While some of these health inequalities may be considered unavoidable, others are deemed unjust and therefore ineq­uitable.


At present we have more than one thousand cancer patients of age groups between two and seventy years who regularly receive financial support, guidance, counselling and family support. Monthly financial allocation are made to keep their kitchen fire burning.

Dream Foundation is a registered charitable public trust established in 1986 in Mumbai, India. It is professionally managed and functions within the prescribed regulatory frame work for non-profit organizations in India.

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Mr. K.M Aarif

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Dream Foundation Cancer Care, 107, Municipal Industrial Estate, Off. Dr. E. Moses Road, D. S. Marg, Worli, Mumbai-400018, Maharashtra, India